2020 Baccalaureate Service - Congratulations,  Tyler Uyeno, Alyssa Watarida, and Jen Horiuchi.  Best Wishes on your future endeavors.

"Kind Words,  Kind Face"

Tyler Uyeno - Alyssa Watarida - Jen Horiuchi
Jen and Family
Jen and Family
Alyssa and Family
Alyssa and Family
Tyler and Family
Tyler and Family
Waipahu Hongwanji Temple
Temple Butsudan

January 2021

January 3:  No Service

January 10: Family Service, 9:00 am

January 17:  Hoonko Service, 9:00 am

January 24:  Family Service, 9:00

January 21:  No Service





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Thank you for visiting Waipahu Hongwanji’s website.  We hope you find it informative and useful.  New members are always welcomed.  We look forward to seeing you at our temple services and activities.

“... and may we all attain the perfect peace.”    Golden Chain





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